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Specializing in Family Based Immigration, Including Lawful Permanent Resident Petitions, Fiance Visa and Adjustment of Status, Citizenship, Green Card Renewal/Replacement, DACA, VAWA, U Visa, T Visa, Asylum, and Cancellation of Removal.

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Lawful Permanent Resident Petition For Spouse, Child or Parent

Fiance Visa and Adjustment of Status

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

As practicing immigration attorneys, we represent you in obtaining Lawful Permanent Resident status, or becoming a "Green Card" holder, from beginning to end.  While waiting for your "Green Card" in the United States, we will obtain a work permit, social security card, and international travel documents for you so that you can live, work, and travel during the waiting period. 

Removal of Conditions on Green Card

When a foreign based fiance obtains his/her green card through marriage, their green card is conditional and lasts for two years.  After two years, the new husband or wife must "remove the conditions" on their green card in order to obtain a permanent ten year green card.  This may be done jointly or separately, depending on whether a waiver would allow the new spouse to file individually.  Whether jointly or separately, we can help you through this process.  

Derivative Citizenship

If you were born outside of the United States and its territories to a parent who is a United States citizen, you may qualify for derivative citizenship.  This allows you to become a citizen merely based on the fact that one or both of your parents were a citizen at the time of your birth.   This is true even if your citizen parent has since deceased.  

VAWA (Violence Against Women)

VAWA is meant to protect non-citizens and non-residents from domestic abuse by allowing them to obtain their residency if they have been abused by American Citizens.  This applies for both men and women, so even men who have been subjected to severe domestic abuse may apply for VAWA and obtain their permanent residency this way.  

We will bring your fiance from abroad to the United States, at which time you will be required to marry her/him.  Subsequently, we will adjust his/her status, or make them a "green card" holder.  We will also obtain a social security card, work permit, and international travel documents while waiting for their green card.

Green Card Renewal/Replacement

Lawful permanent residents must renew their green card every ten years.  Sometimes, however,  permanent residents may lose their green cards or have them stolen.  In any of these cases--whether your card has been lost, stolen, or you simply need to renew--we are able to help.  


For qualifying applicants, we will present your case for naturalization to become a United States citizen.  We will also help prepare you for the naturalization interview and hold your hand throughout the process.  This is the epitome of lawful status in this country, so congratulations to those of you who qualify.  We would love to help you naturalize.

T Visa

We will represent you in your DACA case--whether it's an original application or renewal.  DACA is essentially the right to live and work in the United States and must be renewed biannually.  If you arrived to the United States when you were a child, grew up and went to school here, but never became a resident or citizen, contact one of our attorneys today to find out if you qualify. 

Cancellation of Removal for Green Card and Non-Green Card Holders

When you have been placed in proceedings to be removed from our country--as a green card or non-green card holder--we will stand by your side to prevent that from occurring.  At the end of this road for non-green card holders is permanent residency here in this country.


We will represent you in your asylum case from beginning to end, which can sometimes take many years.  Upon presenting your case to the government, we will obtain a work permit, social security card, and international travel documents for you, so that you may work, obtain many forms of government issued ID's, and travel internationally while you wait for you asylum case to be approved. 

U Visa

T Visa's are available to non-citizens and non-residents who have been the victim of human trafficking here in the United States.  This particular Visa comes with many advantages and benefits for the applicant that are not available for the majority of other Visa's.  A successful applicant will obtain permanent residency "green card" at the end of this process. 

If you have been the victim of a serious, qualifying crime committed by an American Citizen, and you have cooperated with the authorities in the investigation and prosecution of this crime, you may be eligible for this Visa, which allows you to obtain lawful permanent residency, or "green card", status.  




Our Mission at is to fully inform the immigrant community of their possibilities under U. S. immigration laws and help them obtain their immigration goals. To execute our mission, our licensed immigration Attorneys –not call centers–provide free initial consultations. Our attorneys often provide valuable immigration advice & information in public immigration forums, at churches, non-profits, schools & food banks. We treat our clients and all immigrants with dignity & respect, regardless of status. We treat our clients like we would like to be treated and provide them with affordable, fast, convenient and effective immigration solutions.



     We are the most affordable and cost-effective immigration attorneys in the USA. Our tech savvy attorneys utilize the latest technology in case management and processing.  This allows us to save money and pass those savings on to you.  It also helps us process your case faster and ensure that it is never "lost in the system." 

     We do not use call centers. You will communicate directly with a licensed immigration attorney today. All of our attorneys are experienced immigration specialists and familiar with all USCIS policies and procedures. This ensures your application is submitted correctly the first time and moves through the process rapidly.  Contact one of our attorneys now for our affordable personalized pricing.

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We work both nationally and internationally with people from all walks of life.  We represent professionals, skilled workers, unskilled workers, single mothers, abandoned children, investors, asylees, abused and trafficked persons, fiance's, separated families, and all types of families in a variety of immigration cases.


ImmigrationFreedom.Com delivers superb, fast, affordable & convenient immigration services built on long-term, valued relationships. Our immigration attorneys are passionate about helping others realize the American Dream, reuniting families, and bringing the best and brightest minds to our country so that they can develop their ideas and profoundly change the world around them.




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